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Ecobima focuses on services mainly involving computers. Below you will some of our core expertises but we can do any kind of software engineering - from quick fixes of existing systems to delivering new total solutions, with support. Contact us to discuss if your problem fits in our profile.


Databases appear in all contexts - data that you are now storing in an Excel spreadsheet, or a text file, might be much better off in a proper database. There are several reasons to migrate: We can provide help in designing and setting up databases, integrating and migrating data, and adding custom functionality. Our database of choice is PostgreSQL but we can also work with other systems.

Microscopy and image analysis

We have long experience of microscopy and image analysis. The image analysis platform Endrov was developed by us and we have also contributed to the microscope acquisition software Micro-manager. Our services range from quantification of single images to high-throughput studies. For analysis, the rule of "garbage in, garbage out" applies. Thus it is important that you contact us before you acquire the data, when we can make most of a difference! Examples of things we can do:

  • Advice on acquisition techniques
  • Training at using Micro-manager
  • Installation and support for Micro-manager
  • Help set up high-throughput screenings
  • Quantify and compare samples
  • Develop special software, drivers and hardware for advanced microscopy

Bioinformatics, statistics and mathematical modeling

We can help you analyze your experiments! To get the most out of your data, you should start with the statistics already before you carry out your experiment. A properly designed experiments have no/few confounding variables, only as many samples as needed (but not fewer) and is free of bias. Once the experiments are done, we can give you the code for the analysis (primarily in R, Matlab or Java). We handle everything from simple comparisons, to multivariate statistics, clustering, bootstrapping and developing new methods.

As an extension to statistics, we also do mathematical modeling. This can be used to quantitatively prove/disprove and test mechanistic models. Our toolbox range from Markov chains to differential equations.

Finally we can also do "regular" bioinformatics - assembling and analysing sequences from next-gen sequencing, finding similar genes, cross-comparing tables, batch-processing data from public databases, micro-arrays etc. We excel in particular at tough problems which require new approaches to be developed.

Automation and custom lab equipment

In collaboration with other companies, we also offer development of custom lab hardware. For example

  • Temperature and atmosphere control, such as incubators for microscopes
  • Light/laser systems
  • Robotics and mechatronics